Guided Meditation: Breakthrough
Breaking through the physical to reclaim our personal power
By Phylameana lila Desy,
I wrote this guided meditation several years ago to use as an exercise for a healing workshop. This workshop was to be an introduction to a variety of alternate healing methods including chakra cleansings, Reiki treatments, kombucha tea brewing, and more. The day before the workshop I sat down to write out the meditation. Within minutes it became clear that the focus of the writings were in relation to rebirthing, or breaking through the physical barrier to reclaim our personal power. I hope you enjoy the meditation. Feel free to print it up and share it in your meditation groups, prayer circles, retreat gatherings. You may like to record it onto a tape-recorder to listen to during a private session.

BreakthroughWithin the view of the eyes of the creator.A hand reaches out and draws a line in the sand.Forming the boundaries of a new awakening.This hapless drawn line defines the present, separating our pasts from our futures.It demands us to move forward, to continue along our self-directed paths.This planet bespeaks a lie in regard to time.Past…Present…FutureThis false reality captures our attention.We are entrapped by these questions.When? Where? How?Pushed forever forward, wondering what comes next?Continually, we forget the Now.So, just for today…Forget your goals.Forget your desires.

Forget your questioning mind.Get in touch with your very being.Feel your physical body.Breathe in…..breathe outBreathe in…..breathe outBreathe in…..breathe outFocus on your feet.Imagine your feet growing roots into the Earth.Deep… deep…deeper roots.Notice your ankles.Feel the blood pumping through the veins in your legs.Feel your buttocks planted firmly in the chair.Relax.Relax your breathing.Listen to the constant pulse of your heartbeat.
Releasing any tension in your back.Allow your torso to slump slightly.Place yourself into a relaxed position.Perhaps moving your shoulders slightly forward.Allow your head to wobble gently from side to side.Tip your head first to the right, then tip it to the left.Drop your chin to your chest.Allow your head to slowly bob up and down.Lift your head now.Focus on your eyelids.Keeping your eyes shut, notice the movements of your eyeballs.Are they still? Are they moving fast or fluttering slightly?Don’t force them to be any certain way.Just let them be as they are.Imagine yourself being encased inside an egg shell.You are the embryo of a baby eagle.You are the combination of matter and energy.Blood, flesh, membranes, bones, sensations, instincts.Within the confines of this secure place,immersed in the warmth of living fluids, you find safety and comfort.

Surrounded by the protective walls of this hardened shell.You feel isolated, separate, alone.Gradually, you allow yourself to move within these confining walls.Stretching, growing, expanding.There is a gentle cracking, the pool of fluids that has been your home, are oozing to the outside of your shell. Your limbs feel the cool sea air seeping through the cracks, exposing you to unknown elements.Expanding your wings, you crack the egg open slightly more.Your wetted feathers begin to dry to a dampened fluff.Stepping outside the broken pieces that had once guarded you from harm.It is time for you to co-create your life.Your eyes flutter open to envision this Earth.This planet is your newly chosen home.Depart from the eagle’s nest that sits high on the cliff.Take flight to the clouds.View the vibrant Red of the Earth clay in its mountains below.Don’t shield your eyes from the brilliant Orange Sun and it’s gleaming Yellow rays.Breathe in the abundance of this Earth’s Green fields and magnificent forests.Emerge yourself within the depths of the bright Blue morning sky and embrace its Indigo starry nights.

Allow yourself to be open to the Violet-Red rays that penetrate the planet’s orb from beyond.Focus on the White light above the crown of your head, projecting your very being in its direction.Now… tell this light your inner-most desires.