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Bubblewsis a legit revenue-sharing platform where you can earn without Google Adsense. I know there are a lot of individuals out there who like to make money through writing, but could not because they do not have an Adsense account.

Bubblews System

Bubblews pays their members $0.01 for every view, likes and comment their post receives. Let’s say you submitted a post and it received 60 views, 30 likes and 10 comments, that’s a quick $1 with just a 400-character post. (Take note that Bubblews requires a minimum 400 characters / post and not 400 words.)

While some free-lance writers make $1 for a well-researched 500-word article, imagine yourself making that money by simply talking about how your day went.

What to Write About?

Bubblews’ motto is: “Speak freely, write your world”. So basically, you can write about just anything. Personally, I love to write movie reviews, and random…

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