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November 2014


Weekend tips.

Make oven cleaning paste with 1 cup vinegar, a quarter cup bicarbonate of do da,  half a cup water, a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid. Heat the oven and switch off. Clean with the mixture. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

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Different traditions

In the Mayana tradition there are six paramitas: generosity, morality,  patience, energy, meditation and wisdom. In the Theravada tradition there are ten: meditation is not included, and renunciation,  truthfulness,  resolution,  loving kindness and equanimity are added.


Weekend tips:

Freshen your dishwasher with half cup lemon juice in the detergent receptacle the next time you use the machine.

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Not known

Emperor Liang was a devout Buddhist who asked bodhidharma,  “what merit have I achieved through my good works?”
“None whatsoever, ” was the reply.
“What then is the essence of Buddhism? ”
“Vast emptiness, nothing holy.”
“Who addresses me in such a fashion?” Asked the infuriated emperor.
“Not known,” was the reply.

28 November 587

Treaty of Andeloti king Guntram of Burgundy names cousin Childbert II as heir.

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The essence of Zen

A transmission outside the teachings,  a non-reliance on words and letters, a direct pointing to the heart of Man and becoming Buddha.
— Bodhidharma

27 November 399

St. Anastasius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.

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The Sutras

The second part of the Pali Canon contains the Sutras,  called agamas or nikayas outside the Theravada school.  When new schools developed, new Sutras or texts were composed, similar in for to the existing ones but expounding new ideas. The word sutra, meaning “thread”, is derived from the Vedic word siv – “to sew”.

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