In 2006 J-Bay Trauma Support Centre was established to render a service of support to anybody that has been subjected to any form of trauma.

The vision and mission of the Centre is to strive towards a violence- free, loving and caring community through empowering, enhancing and uplifting both the community and individuals.

Objectives and activities
The objectives and activities of the Centre shall be:
• Establish safe and secure support and administrative offices for the purpose of attending to trauma.
• Providing qualified volunteer support which will be available to attend to rape and or trauma survivors on a 24 / 7 call-out basis.
• Liaison with the Community Police officer and Community Police Forum of the precinct.
• Providing initial physical and emotional support to the survivors of rape and or trauma.
• Networking with other organizations as to build a network of resources to maximize support and service to the community.
• Education of community to enhance social upliftment.


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