dark-lady-1Dark Lady Marketing specializes in online and social media marketing. As of September 2017, we now also offer an Author Website Package Deal aimed at writers and authors looking at promoting their brand on the internet.


Internet & Social Media Marketing

DarkLady Marketing specializes in internet and social media marketing for individuals, small businesses, bloggers, authors, cake decorators, upholstery cleaners, magazine contributors, candle makers, events management companies, jewelry sellers, cleaning services, lodges and accommodation, repair shops, home crafters, boot sales, restaurants and pubs, other marketing companies – and YOU!

What You Get:

  • For just R150 per month, DarkLady Marketing will promote your brand/product/website/blog or social media page or group – or all of the above – for an entire working day (Monday to Friday) INcluding public holidays permanently on our website and also all day (on contracted days) via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkdin, WordPress – and more to follow!
  • Each client will also get a post on this website giving details of their brand/product/website/blog or social media page or group as advertised by DarkLady Marketing.
  • At the completion of each contracted (paid) monthly session, clients will receive statistical reports on how their social media page following or group membership has increased during that period.

Contracts and renewals are accepted on a month-to-month basis. Each client will get to book a day per week for that entire month, with the choice of day depending on available slots.

The Author Website Package Deal

DarkLady Marketing offers a stand-alone website builder service for authors. Why? Because a lot of authors will balk at the idea of figuring out how to build their own website to promote their brands, and many will suffer without one! This makes promoting authors extremely difficult without having a website to refer to for all the “about the author” stuff that magazines, media and readers want to see, or to help them build a fan base! But fear not! DarkLady Marketing will set up an author website for you based on your personal needs!

What You Get:

  • Set up your site using WordPress as a base, pick a theme, pages, menus, set up logo’s, widgets etc.
  • Populate the website with the information, url’s, links to purchase your books on sales sites, and images supplied by you.
  • Add an Editor/Administrator account for you so you can update and post on your site.

All you need to do is send us all the information we need to build your site (about the author, books, reviews, interviews, photos, links to everything, cover images of your books etc.) – and we will do the rest! All this will cost you is a once-off fee of R1000 (excluding domain registration fees, * etc).

*Additional changes/updates which take place more than 10 days after the website is initially completed will be charged for at a rate of R25 per page edited or added.

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