dark-lady-1Dark Lady Marketing specializes in online and social media marketing. Established June 2014.

Darklady Marketing came into being when I saw the small home based and start up businesses were struggling to reach their market and did not have the capital to afford the insanely high prices of marketing companies. I decided I needed to do something about this, and so I created Darklady Marketing, ensuring my pricing was as low as one could go. My pricing basically only covers the data usage of marketing my clients, we do not make much if any profit, we are here to help you not to get rich off of you!!!



Internet & Social Media Marketing

DarkLady Marketing specializes in internet and social media marketing for individuals, small businesses, bloggers, authors, cake decorators, upholstery cleaners, magazine contributors, candle makers, events management companies, jewelry sellers, cleaning services, lodges and accommodation, repair shops, home crafters, boot sales, restaurants and pubs, other marketing companies – and YOU!

What You Get:

  • For just R150 per month, DarkLady Marketing will promote your brand/product/website/blog or social media page or group – or all of the above – for an entire working day (Monday to Friday) INcluding public holidays permanently on our website and also all day (on contracted days) via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkdin, WordPress – and more to follow!
  • Each client will also get a post on this website giving details of their brand/product/website/blog or social media page or group as advertised by DarkLady Marketing.
  • At the completion of each contracted (paid) monthly session, clients will receive statistical reports on how their social media page following or group membership has increased during that period.

Contracts and renewals are accepted on a month-to-month basis. Each client will get to book a day per week for that entire month, with the choice of day depending on available slots.

We regret, NO REFUNDS.

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