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Cancer Fears the Walker

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Personal message
It all happened so fast. Robert was feeling ill and it just escalated. By the end of May 2018, he was taken in by Livingston hospital and stayed for a duration of two weeks. The doctors proceeded to run the various test, and as fate would have it, the results were ill inspired. Robert’s Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels were 591, which is exceeding any healthy levels. He ended up contracting deep vein thrombosis from the trip. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and things were about to become very complicated from here on out.

Starting on the 20th of June 2018, Robert would undergo a year’s hormone therapy at the Urology Department of Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth. With a year out of the way, they passed him onto the Oncology department at Livingston Hospital in June 2019. Robert would get to know the ins and outs of this building like the back of his hand. He underwent 10 chemo sessions in a span of 7 months. Along with the restlessness and nausea, Robert started having health problems from 10 April. His body could only take so much punishment from the drugs before it started breaking down. For six weeks he was in and out of the hospital, trying everything he could naturally and artificially to have control over his body again and regain his strength. Needless to say, it was a futile struggle and he was admitted again on the 14th of May in Humansdorp Hospital and diagnosed with an obstructed bowel.

Robert got to ride an Ambulance that day to P.E. and kept his sense of humour along the way. Winding up at Livingston Hospital yet again, he had to undergo yet another series of blood tests, x-rays and a colon scan.

Back to Oncology… On the 22nd of May, he had gone through yet another series of chemo treatments. The result of his pain and suffering would turn out to be in vain, as there was no progression in his condition.

Robert is currently on Morphine for chronic pain, rolling about in his bed complaining about nausea and any food that goes in, comes right back out. Some of his medications are colliding, aggravating the feeling of sickness, with no anti-nausea tablets working.

Robert now has to undergo new treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. After three years of fighting, the savings account is empty and Robert’s life is up to anyone who can aid in funding his treatment. The new set of treatments will cost up to +/-ZAR50 000 for a start, but that’s all he needs to have a ray of hope for his future.

The doctors were very tactful in relaying information about Robert’s time here with us. Robert needs to go through this one last high dosage of radiation to give him a fighting chance.

We want to see him back on his boat with his crew catching fish and enjoying the waves.

With the funds, Robert will be able to afford private treatment, which will give him a fighting chance to get back his old life and live out the rest of his remaining life in health. He has gone through one final radiation treatment, which will be the last attempt from the government to give him more time.

The funds will go toward a private institute, where Robbie will receive a strict diet regime along with 6month’s medical treatment.



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Stormberg Conservation

Baboon & Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Sanctuary. Animals’ needs are put far above our own (always have and always will be), and more than the extra mile is always applied in our life in caring for these special creatures.
Stormberg Conservation, Baboon & Wildlife, Rehabilitation & Sanctuary Centre is a Non Profit Establishment
Our main goal and heart’s desire is to rehabilitate the Chacma Baboon, whose numbers are decreasing and their lives are threatened by human intervention in the form of poisoning them, hunting them, “culling” them, using them in ‘witchcraft’ and other methods.

Klipfontein Farm
Call 083 724 4444

Nkosinathi Foundation – Breaking Barriers of Blindess

At Nkosinathi Foundation we strive to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to blind and partially sighted children and adults who live in the Eastern Cape.

We have sectioned our services into four main categories:

1. Urban Rehabilitation for Adults

In this programme blind and partially sighted adults and their families are offered:

Emotional Support, which consists of;

– Individual Counseling
– Family Counseling
– Training and Support Group
– Social/ Activities Group

Living Skills Training, which consists of;

– Orientation and Mobility Training
– Provision of Long Canes
– Adapted Skills of Daily Living
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy Training
– Referrals for Audio Equipment and Materials
– Residual Vision Assessment and Residual Vision Training
– Prescription & Access of and to Low Vision Aids
– Training in the use of Low Vision Aids

The comprehensive series above are provided by our team of professionals at the Nkosinathi Foundation premises and/or (depending on the type of service) at the client’s home or work place.

2. Rural Rehabilitation for Adults and Children

In this programme blind and partially sighted adults and children, as well as their families are offered:

Emotional Support, which consists of;

– Individual Counseling
– Family Counseling
– Training and Support Groups
– Social Groups

Living Skills Training, which consists of;

– Orientation and Mobility training
– Provision of Long Canes
– Adapted Skills of Daily Living Training
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy Training
– Referrals fot Audio equipment and materials

* All Blind Children living in Rural Areas are also immediately referred to the Foundation’s Professionals in order to provide relevant services and to ensure the blind child accesses formal education.

This comprehensive rehabilitation service is provided by a team of Rural Rehabilitation Community Field Workers.

3. Blind and Partially Sighted Children’s Rehabilitation and Development

We place special importance on delivery of rehabilitation and support services for children who lose their vision. That is why we have tailored offerings for each important stage of a child’s development.

This programme offers blind children, aged 0-3 and their parents:

– Hospital/ home visits to the parents and child by professional staff
– Counseling and Support for the Parents
– Guidance for the parents on Stimulation and Development of the baby
– Provision of food parcels when needed
– Introduction to the Foundation’s Pre School Group facilitator

This programme offers blind children, aged 4-7 years, and their parents:

– Pre School Group at the NF facility for Pre School learning and activities.
– Provision of breakfast and lunch for the pre school group children
– Introduction to Orientation and Mobility Training for the child
– Introduction to Adapted Daily Skills Training for the child
– Introduction to Braille for the child and optional for parents
– Introduction to Computers with Adapted Software for blind persons
– Low Vision Assessment and Low Vision Training for the child
– Continued counselling for the parents
– Continued guidance for parents on development of the child
– Guidance and assistance with applications to Primary Schools
– School Holiday Recreational/ Educational activities

This programme offers blind children, aged 8-18 years, and their parents:

– Orientation and Mobility Training
– Provision of long canes
– Adapted Skills of daily living training
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy training
– Referrals for audio equipment and materials
– Residual Vision assessment and training
– Prescription and access of and to Low Vision Aids
– Training in the use of Low Vision Aids
– Counseling for both the child and parents
– Guidance for parents on development of the child
– Guidance and assistance with applications to relevant schools
– School Holiday Recreational/ Educational Activities

4. Computer Literacy and Employment Readiness

In this programme, blind and partially sighted people are offered:

– Computer Training using adapted computer software
– Braille Literacy Training
– Electronic Low Vision Equipment
– Orientation and Mobility Training for blind persons
– Relevant Adapted Daily Living Skills Training
– Personal Development Training
– C.V. Writing Skills Training
– Job Interview Skills Training
– Communication relating to Work Relationships Training
– Introduction to Tertiary Education and Assistance with Applications
– Introduction to the Open Labour Market and Job Shadowing Training

* Included in this programme is the, Nkosinathi Foundation Internet Café for blind and partially Sighted People, which is the first internet café for blind and partially sighted persons in the Eastern Cape.



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Call 041 487 1150



The REAL WINNER IN EASTERN CAPE, not recognised?!

The REAL WINNER IN EASTERN CAPE, not recognised?! 

Heather Diogo is the top performer in the Eastern Cape as she out-achieved all other learners who wrote the National Senior certificate with her stellar results:


 Accounting 100%

Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal 95%

Mathematics 99%

Physical Sciences 99%

English Home Language 90%

Life Sciences 95% 

Life Orientation 99%


Average: 96,7%


Heather Diogo, clearly a top-achiever, finds herself in a very strange and unfair predicament: She is a learner from Global Leadership Academy, an independent High School in Jeffrey’s Bay, which works in partnership with the Department of Education to deliver the National CAPS curriculum without relying on the department for funding.


Why no official recognition from the Department of Education?


The implication of this injustice has an influence on her ability to further her tertiary education, as her disqualification from formal recognition of her top position means she misses out on a bursary of R80 000. Heather does not currently have any bursary to fund her studies, and she does not come from a privileged background.


Please like, share and comment on this post to help us fight for justice for Heather.


On behalf of Heather



Isintu’s Toiletry Drive


Phelo Mntwini and I are still collecting toiletries under the name ‘Isintu’. This name and inititive aims to reintroduces the black culture and practise of helping because we believe umntu ngumntu ngabantu. Please support and share !!!

Also you can contact Phelo on her inbox or email her at

Thank you 😊


Piet se Bos Outreach


Piet se Bos is a leftover farming community from the 80’s. Oom Piet still lives there but the community is growing with others seeking refuge from destitution.
Domestic Animal Care was called in to help with very sick pups and this is when their plight became known.
The main mission is to help these animals, firstly by sterilisation and hopefully by continuous feeding days and warm shelter.
Also to improve the lives of the people where possible.
This page will be updated with the outreach acitivities and highlight those that are helping make this mission a reality.


Charity Event

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