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Rei-Flexions Holistic Healing & Coaching



I am a certified Angel Practitioner, Rei-flexologist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Colour Therapist. I have obtained diplomas and certificates from various institutes in these modalities such as ‘The Rei-Flexology Healing Academy of South Africa’, ‘Angelways’ and ‘The School of Natural Health Sciences’.

I first became interested in an alternative spiritual path in 2005. It was during this time that my soul was searching for a deeper meaning in my life purpose, that I felt a very strong calling and connection to the angelic realm and the path of a lightworker/healer.

In July 2006 I completed my Reiki Master’s Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing. In July 2007 I completed the course in Rei-Flexology. In August 2013 I completed the Angel Practitioners Course. In July 2014 I received my diploma in Crystal Healing and in November 2015 I received my diploma in Colour Therapy. I am currently studying Life Coaching, NLP, Stress Management and Hypnotherapy, which subjects form part of qualifying to be a Naturopath.

I am passionate about assisting people to connect to their true Divine spirit. My goal is to assist others to realize that WE are our own best guides, that the answers we seek from spiritual teachers or other experts are actually within ourselves. This is a lesson that took me many years to learn!

I believe that we all have psychic and intuitive abilities and that were all born with a sixth sense which can be developed by anyone that is willing to put in the work and anyone that has a genuine desire to connect to the spirit world of guides, angels and their true life purpose.

I believe in authenticity, standing in your truth and living your truth. This belief pushes us against ego and towards Spirit. As we do this, we transform and evolve as ‘beings’. Past does not matter, only the ‘here and now’ – the ‘Present’ – crafting the ‘future’. Life is about learning, we are here to learn about compassion and unconditional love. We are born into this – moulded by experience – then realizing we have choices – going back to our ‘knowing’ – which is the Source of all that we are and know.


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Call: +27017606506




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It appears that everyone has the desire to be healthy, however, very few people know themselves well enough to recognize that their illness is an expression of some part of their own mind that does not wish to be healthy, or that does not know how to be well. We can ‘re-teach’ ourselves to be well if we are willing to look within for the answers and not hand over the responsibility for our health to others.

What is Intuitive & Vibrational Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body. Sometimes referred to as insight healing, the practice does not require any type of invasive procedure. Working with holistic and vibration techniques is a way of demonstrating that individuals can truly help themselves. Once the client grasps this knowledge, their whole world takes on a different significance and this is when healing begins to occur

Vibrational healing is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. It employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the practitioner and uses energy, color and light healing techniques to catalyze healing in the client’s energy field (aura and charka system) – helping the client’s break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It may provide enhanced quality of life for the client and facilitate spiritual growth.

Vibrational remedies are subtle energy stimuli that interact with the energy systems of the human body to help stabilise and correct physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. By focusing vibrational remedy upon a problem area, we can temporarily restore balance to that area. When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating toxins and negativities that can hinder our body processes.

Through vibrational remedies, we reinstall a proper flow of energy. Many times we fail to remember that the body knows how to take care of itself. Unfortunately, we do get in its way because we hold onto emotions and attitudes that can short circuit its energy flow, causing weakness and imbalances.

Because the human body is an energy system, we can use various energy vibrations to interact with it. Some of the most common and effective vibrational remedies are sounds, crystals, stones and of course, thought.

Energy healing involves treating not only the dis-ease itself, but also the underlying cause. Negative emotional states and mental attitudes – whether our own or those we are exposed to, impinge upon our energies.

Part of the responsibility of a healer is to assist the client find the method or combination of methods that works best for the individual. It involves exploring not just the physical problem, but possible metaphysical causes as well, bearing in mind that all healing comes from within.

Remember that the healer is a channel for energy and may only direct energy to another person with their permission. Only medical doctors – not spiritual healers – are authorized to diagnose, prescribe, recommend treatment, or provide a prognosis. Keep in mind that all healing comes from within. A healer cannot cure anyone through their own power. The healer works as a catalyst to stimulate a change in consciousness and a healing change in the energy of the individual. The healer assists the process, but healing is internal to the individual.14010062_10155163009528206_1813442283_n

Gay SA Radio


Welcome to the new Revolution of party and Where You are family. GaySA Radio is the first of its kind in our Sunny South Africa and we will highlight all things that are LGBT related in our country from news to parties and gay owned companies that will have special deals exclusive for us “family” members.

With this new station we will also surround you with new and old hits to keep your hips and legs moving 24/7. We will for now only be an on-line medium, with many options for you to get connected to us. With the release of new mobile technology and faster internet speeds a lot of consumer are surfing social media like face book or Twitter. They also spend most of their time checking out YouTube or listening to online media like Radio stations of their preference.

We at GaySARadio started this online Station as to cater for our South African LGBT members which will also highlight on news,views and info of LGBT owed business and premises that can offer us more of a relaxed atmosphere and also great specials. In return the LGBT owned company has found a new way to increase it’s revenue. Via a new marketing stream of which we did not have in South Africa before except for print

We are currently in test phase and every week more programs are added to the line-up. New presenters are being tested and the music selection fine-tuned.

Advertise your business or list you event on GaySA Radio. Simply email info@gaysaradio for a rate card or send your event.

We can do a Live Broadcast from your event or venue, contact us to make the arrangements by email

We are still currently looking for LGBTI sales Reps, sound producer & if you think you are the perfect person and live in Pretoria, please drop us a mail at with role you are applying for in the subject line with your CV.



Main Facebook page


The Sunday chill on GaySa Radio

Cocktail Hour on Gay SA Radio

Gay SA Radio Top 30

Sunday Stoep on Gay SA Radio

The Eggs and Sausage Show on Gay SA Radio

Rainbow Talk on Gay SA Radio

The Workday Jive on Gay SA Radio

Afrikaans is HUGE on Gay SA Radio

The Gay Agenda on Gay SA Radio

Soul Searching on Gay SA Radio

Your Make-Up is Terrible on Gay SA Radio


Out and Proud on Gay SA Radio

Steam Room on Gay SA Radio

Culture Club on Gay SA Radio




Marius’ Carpet steam cleaning, deodorizing and sanitising:

I do domestic and for company’s in Port Elizabeth and surrounds.

Some clients include major company’s in PE.

I’m also used by one of the leading cleaning company’s in PE for carpet cleaning at businesses. I use specialized soap which is specially manufactured for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Dust mite removal and deodorizes.

Uitenhage•Despatch•Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Contact details: Marius 076 401 4792


(Also contact me for all your plumbing and handy man needs. Etc broken toilets, taps, twin tub washing machines, faulty sliding doors, broken aluminium window frame hinges.)


Free quote:

cell//whatsapp Marius 0764014792.




The Moors Castle


Well the picture speaks a thousand words. The Moors Castle is a stunning Events venue in the Muldersdrift area in Gauteng province. Be welcomed by friendly owners and book your events with them.


Hi all!!! Firstly i would like to thank everyone who has liked our page and who has been following the progress, Especially those who has popped in to have a look-see.

Building is now in the final stages and the fun part is starting!!! The Decor… and i promise it will be OVER THE TOP.

Still to come is the 4 meter high draw bridge and moet around the front, secret passages, wine cellar, private dining area (knights round table), upstairs function room and balcony with river view, outside amphitheater perfect for a wedding ceremony, kiddies play area and party venue and much much more.

As the design and building process has been occupying much of our energy we have not yet not created a web-page but this will be receiving attention soon, please bare with us just a little longer.

Many upcoming events are on the calendar already in the likes of weddings, music festivals and more.

Again, thank you for your enthusiasm and support. We are looking forward to welcome you to The Moors Castle in the near future.


Directions/ Location:


From Beyers Naude
Pass Garden World and Oakwood farm
turn left into R114 (Drift Boulevard
Turn left right into LARSONs road.
Follow the road all the way to the gate house
after gate house turn right
follow the road all the way……


From Hendrik Potgieter
Turn right at R28/N14 4-way stop towards Muldersdrift
Take first offramp – Kromdraai
turn right and go underneath the bridge
at 4-way stop turn left.
go past The Drift inn and pass Misty Hills/Carnivores/Avianto
at the end of the rod just before Beyers Naude turn right into LARSONs road.
Follow the road all the way to the gate house
after gate house turn right
follow the road all the way……


Contact them:

Phone: 0823330598 or 0794279103



The Pretty Ruthless



The Pretty Ruthless Facebook in association with Lilla Rose Gifts purchase our new stock which is to be available soon via postage !!

Custom anime Cell phone covers.

Get your lockets and keyrings.

The Angel Caller, that is also named “Bola” or “Harmony Ball”, is an ancestral jewelry that has been celebrated for centuries in the Mayan culture. This pendant sphere contains a silver ball that emits a subtle and harmonious chime when shaken, that brings calm and soothing. Legend has it that the soft jingling sound, that is unique for each Bola, is magic: it has the power to call the Guardian Angel of the wearer to provide them protection, comfort and guidance throughout life.
In Mayan culture, it was worn during pregnancy, to protect expectant mothers and their babies.


Blogspot page.


Blogspot page

Only Available In South Africa





All the things she thought but couldn’t say


Facebook has never been the same since our parents, uncles and aunties discovered it 🙂 All the things I think, but can’t say because I’m being ‘followed’. It’s one thing being yourself and having conviction in your own opinion. Quite another to upset Aunty Mary because your favourite meme is ‘Fucks given’ or you’re pissed that the president is a twat. This page is for me, for all the things I think but can’t say, for all the fucks I do and don’t give. Please feel free to share the fucks you give but remember the rules. Namaste bitches!





J-Bay Trauma Support Centre


In 2006 J-Bay Trauma Support Centre was established to render a service of support to anybody that has been subjected to any form of trauma.

The vision and mission of the Centre is to strive towards a violence- free, loving and caring community through empowering, enhancing and uplifting both the community and individuals.

Objectives and activities
The objectives and activities of the Centre shall be:
• Establish safe and secure support and administrative offices for the purpose of attending to trauma.
• Providing qualified volunteer support which will be available to attend to rape and or trauma survivors on a 24 / 7 call-out basis.
• Liaison with the Community Police officer and Community Police Forum of the precinct.
• Providing initial physical and emotional support to the survivors of rape and or trauma.
• Networking with other organizations as to build a network of resources to maximize support and service to the community.
• Education of community to enhance social upliftment.


Facebook Group

PermaGanic POW WOW Party



THE DATE AND COST FOR THIS EVENT HAS NOT YET BEEN FIXED. Keep your eyes on the PRCCTs wall for updates.

One year on from the conception of The Permaculture Research Centre Cape Town, we have the intention of hosting this fun and interesting Permaculture PowWow weekend at the Cape Farm House in celebration of positive global change.

Pencilled time table so far

Friday Campers start to arrive. Food available from Farm House,
Saturday early morning yoga / permaculture, green agenda talks / evening Permaganic POW WOW
Sunday Morning early mornign yoga. morning and afternoon workshops including:

How to build a geodome
Urban farming

Monday morning campers depart

Food will be prepared by the Farm house at set meal times.

During the day guest speakers will be organised to give uplifting talks on permaculture and ECO initiatives.
In the evening there will be music and dancing, celebrating the new world we will be creating.

All details still to be arranged… Got any ideas of how we can make this really special? email or add a comment below.

Camping and child care will be available.

SHARE with all your Permie Party friends if you think this is a good idea. Lets celebrate the new world we will be creating together in a PermaGanic POW WOW way.


Facebook event page

Piet se Bos Outreach


Piet se Bos is a leftover farming community from the 80’s. Oom Piet still lives there but the community is growing with others seeking refuge from destitution.
Domestic Animal Care was called in to help with very sick pups and this is when their plight became known.
The main mission is to help these animals, firstly by sterilisation and hopefully by continuous feeding days and warm shelter.
Also to improve the lives of the people where possible.
This page will be updated with the outreach acitivities and highlight those that are helping make this mission a reality.


Charity Event

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