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AnamCara’s Healing

Holding Space to Ignite Your Healing
When we heal ourselves we are transformed in mind, body and spirit. Life flows as we tap into the abundance of the Universe and our spirits soar as we shed the layers of outdated beliefs, traumas and woundings that have been holding us back. In turn our minds are more illuminated and we raise our vibrational energy pattern. Your facilitators journey to heal the layers of her Wounded Chiron, brought her to a place that enables her to hold space for others during their healing journey. AnamCara’s Healing provides opportunities for mind, body and spirit transformation and healing through the use of various complimentary healing modalities, rituals, workshops and courses, which are designed to assist your to relax, distress and tap into your own healing process. Remember that the space you live and work in can hold unbalanced and trapped energies that lower your frequency. We can assist you to clear and refresh your home or business space and restore it’s energetic balance by providing a space clearing session tailored to your personal preferences. Book your physical distress session, energetic healing session or enlightening course/workshop today. Ignite the wonder within you.


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37 Stevens Road, Blairgowrie
Call 081 735 8350

Healing Hands Wellness Institute Cape Town

Who is Healing Hands Wellness Institute?

Healing Hands Wellness Institute is an internationally renowned academy, specializing in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. Previously known as Healing Hands International, we have decided to change our name to Healing Hands Wellness Institute, because we offer so much more than just courses. Our intense training is designed to transform students into experts. We are devoted to providing personal growth with integrity and a commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and a firm understanding of the therapist/client relationship. We at the Institute gladly rise to that challenge!

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to lead and educate students to be qualified as Natural Therapists co-creating holism and caring for every living thing. We envisage a System in which Natural Therapists work in a complementary role with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide South Africa with a holistic and educational approach to its wellness and well-being which is focused on disease and illness prevention.


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2C Albar Centre, Cnr Zastron & Koeberg Road
Call 076 200 6299

My Silverlining Wellness Development

This beautiful life…..
My personal story
I have journeyed, gathering information knowing that there is more to life than mere existence.
From a young age I wanted to be a psychologist. I came across life coaching and it changed my world.
Me, like you, have had many frustrations, struggles and heartaches which made me feel “what is the point of this life”. I realised that we can be our own greatest cheerleader by changing the way we think which in turn changes our behaviour. This in turn changes our feelings and how we respond to this life. Life can either be good or bad, it all depends on how we perceive it.
I also realised that once we “go down the rabbit hole” stuck with our own destructive thoughts, it is very difficult to get out of the same stinking thinking. For me, communication is very important to release the emotions and working through the events.
I have gone looking for answers to discover and create the life I wanted for myself.
I offer life coaching sessions which helps you with your own goals, relationship matters, phobias and really anything that you perceive that is holding you back. With this I also offer a spiritual massage called Antaneea Therapy which works with angel oils and sprays, helping you to release the emotions locked in the body.
As you are a magnificent being holding the answers, let me be your coach helping you discover your awesomeness!

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Call 079 175 0308

Life Retreat Studio

“THE AUTHORITY ON HEALTH & WELLNESS” Yoga (including annual Yoga Teacher Training), Meditation, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, Nia, Lifestyle, Corporate Wellness, Five-Star Luxury Retreats THE HEALING HUB @ LOURENSFORD SA’s Premier Wine Estate EVERYONE HAS A STORY… Life Retreat Studio is set at the breath-taking foothills of the Hottentots Holland mountain range, on Africa’s premier Lourensford Wine Estate. We from South Africa’s first complete Healing Hub of its kind. The vision began with Trish Taylor wanting to bring her unified dreams together in a sacred South African landscape that would inspire healing and wellness. They have just opened the doors to the actualisation of the vision – and in the exquisite scenery of Lourensford Wine Estate. The studio offers a selection of healing movement modalities (yoga, pilates, meditation, kundalini yoga, ballet barre, and Sunday morning outdoor family yoga classes). It boasts several on-site venues for workshops, talks, book launches, and corporate wellness days. From the beginning of November, Life Retreat Studio is registered with Discovery Vitality. “It’s a privilege to work with people each day and be a part of their journey to strength, physical vitality, healing and wellbeing,” “No matter what age, level of fitness, or personal experiences you bring to Healing Hub, we have something wonderful to offer you. Our classes range from kids to adults, injury-rehabilitation to cardiovascular. Whether you are looking for something purely physical, or deeply meditative and mindful, you will find it at Life Retreat Studio. Our motto is that everyone walks away from each visit with a bit more healing and happiness in their hearts”. The downstairs Lifestyle Shop is a treasure trove of locally sourced gifts, health products, beauty products and fashion. Targeting the local as well as international market, the Lifestyle Shop sources natural, organic, and regionally-sourced products, focusing on supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Selling Cannabinoid (CBD) oil healing products and cosmetics. Along with their work on the field of healing, Life Retreat Studio runs one of the most authentic Yoga Teacher Training Certification courses in South Africa. Many of the teachers who are a part of the Life Retreat Studio team are involved in local community yoga projects, women’s empowerment groups, and NPOs. The philosophy of each therapist, teacher and practitioner are to spread healing into a world which, at present, is in desperate need of loving hearts, and healing hands. When you come to Life Retreat Studio at Lourensford Estate, you receive a complete Body-Mind-Spirit experience, which will leave you feeling not only lighter, happier, and healthier, but also as if you are part of profoundly caring community of hearts.


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Lourensford Estate, Lourensford Rd
Somerset West, Western Cape

Sacred Dying – Embracing The End Of Life

Having experienced the loss of family members from an early age has been the result of me adapting my way of thinking regarding living and dying; there is really no difference between birth and death, as both are equally sacred moments of the soul and facts of life. Sometime or the other we are all going to die.

Death is simply an end to the physical body, as the soul prepares its transition back into the spiritual realm. Nobody dies a moment before their time and nobody lives a moment after their time has come to make this great transition. None of us want to die; we want to live longer because that is what we know – the fight or flight for survival is in our primitive brain.

It is pointless to desire an extended life because it is all there – past, present and future, happening right now as we stay focused in the present moment. Having lived the past 15 years or so removed from traditional spiritual teaching and embracing the more holistic approach to life and death, has assisted me in understanding death with ease.

The many books I have read on the subject of death and dying, as well as the volunteer work with CANSA, serving the terminal patients who had been sent home to die, I was blessed in that I learnt much from both the patient and their families during this time, as they were trying to cope with impending death and finally the grieving stage of a loved one.

As a holistic practitioner since 2005, I promote the holistic and palliative approach to death. The imminent death of a patient, whether it is that of a family member or a client, is a sacred moment. There is no better way to show your love than just to be there for the dying person, assuring them that they will not die alone.

There is nothing fearful about death or dying. For both the dying and the living to partake in this very sacred time of transition, is a final gift of love to sit vigil at the deathbed.

Many years of learning about holistic care has led me to a place of sharing my knowledge with you. As Ramm Dass once said “If you are going to die, the best way to prepare is to quiet the mind and open the heart. If you are going to live, the best way to prepare is to quiet the mind and open the heart”. May we that are called to serve the dying, practice quieting the mind as we open our heart to serve those that are facing death, and share love and compassion to those that are left behind to mourn the passing of their loved one.


In loving service,


Call 076 401 6844
Swan Circle
Roodepoort, Gauteng

Esoteric & Wellness Garden Fayre


Creating an awesome quarterly event for like-minded souls to share their gifts, talents and small business with the public. Our aim is to build a network of healers, therapists, instructors, teachers, clothing outlets, authors and esoteric/new age artists to become part of a inspiring group who are willing to share and care for each other and fellow seekers of the truth.

List of Stalls At the next Fayre:


Mudita Yoga Westrand

Hello… I will be attending the fayre to promote my yoga studio. I will be offering a yoga demonstration/class, on the day. Anyone interested in joining in is welcome. Looking forward to meeting you all 😊

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Healing Evolution

We are honored to welcome Shuveny Bower-Louw from Healing Evolution on board. Shuveny Neferet Bower-Louw will be offering Egyptian Readings at her stall.

About Shuveny:
The demand for healing and coaching has risen dramatically over the last 20 years worldwide. In my search and education I have not seen the two combined.
Here at Healing Evolution the aim is to heal from the past, understand setbacks, learn from experiences.

At healing Evolution the offer is on the individual as a holistic being. Many Life coaches (no offence intended) deal with people that already know where and how they want to venture into life. I want to walk from the past, to your present, successfully to the future.

Experience gained:
LIFE: third time cancer survivor, Empath, clairvoyant, abuse survivor (emotional, physical, sexual)
Hereditary Healer – crystals, colour, animals, oils
Reader – Egyptian Doors
Principles of General Psychology
Basic Counselling skill
Life Coaching New Insight
(Comensa/ACCPH/CPC – accredited)

Her words to us are:

Take some time in reading this, then sit back and let the words sink in while feeling them . . .

* A world where the total focus is on you.
* Someone that is listening to every word you speak, every thought you have, even to the unspoken and the hidden, listening to the silence in the breaths you take.
* Someone that can see the YOU, the emotion, the energy, the drive, the essence

* A world where the total focus is on you
* Someone that is listening to every word you speak, every thought you have, even to the unspoken and the hidden
* Listening to the silence in the breaths you take
* Someone that can see the YOU, the emotion, the energy, the drive, the essence

* Having relationship with someone that is curious about what makes you tick
* Having a relationship with someone that holds your values as their own, driving you to persevere.
* Having a relationship with someone that will always tell you the truth even if it is hard to hear. *Someone that will drive you to achieve all those plans you have made.
* Having a relationship with someone that will never judge you, allowing you to blossom at your own pace.

* Having this every day, every week, holding you in setbacks and walking you into success.

Someone that is committed to YOU!

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Rei-Flextions Holistic Healing & Coaching

I am so blessed to be co-hosting this event with Averil Botha from Multi-Charity, who is well known in the Roodepoort district for her passion for assisting numerous charities on the West Rand. I will be offering oracle card readings as well as numerous hand made esoteric goods which include one of a kind dream catchers, sun catchers, various items of esoteric jewelry and my unique Reiki/Chakra Bears. Namaste 

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Hi All, we will be attending I am looking forward to this event we will be doing angel card readings, wooden shelving/crafts and esoteric goods. Emotional cord cutting, curse/spell removals/blessings by light. The next one we will be offering Reiki as well. May the blessings of the universe surround you.

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Theobroma Cake School





Moffat Street, Richmond Hill
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Ana 072 268 4275

Acting career quick start

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How to build your own acting business

How To Build Your Acting Business Without A Day Job!
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