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Healing Hands Wellness Institute Cape Town

Who is Healing Hands Wellness Institute?

Healing Hands Wellness Institute is an internationally renowned academy, specializing in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. Previously known as Healing Hands International, we have decided to change our name to Healing Hands Wellness Institute, because we offer so much more than just courses. Our intense training is designed to transform students into experts. We are devoted to providing personal growth with integrity and a commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and a firm understanding of the therapist/client relationship. We at the Institute gladly rise to that challenge!

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to lead and educate students to be qualified as Natural Therapists co-creating holism and caring for every living thing. We envisage a System in which Natural Therapists work in a complementary role with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide South Africa with a holistic and educational approach to its wellness and well-being which is focused on disease and illness prevention.


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2C Albar Centre, Cnr Zastron & Koeberg Road
Call 076 200 6299

My Silverlining Wellness Development

This beautiful life…..
My personal story
I have journeyed, gathering information knowing that there is more to life than mere existence.
From a young age I wanted to be a psychologist. I came across life coaching and it changed my world.
Me, like you, have had many frustrations, struggles and heartaches which made me feel “what is the point of this life”. I realised that we can be our own greatest cheerleader by changing the way we think which in turn changes our behaviour. This in turn changes our feelings and how we respond to this life. Life can either be good or bad, it all depends on how we perceive it.
I also realised that once we “go down the rabbit hole” stuck with our own destructive thoughts, it is very difficult to get out of the same stinking thinking. For me, communication is very important to release the emotions and working through the events.
I have gone looking for answers to discover and create the life I wanted for myself.
I offer life coaching sessions which helps you with your own goals, relationship matters, phobias and really anything that you perceive that is holding you back. With this I also offer a spiritual massage called Antaneea Therapy which works with angel oils and sprays, helping you to release the emotions locked in the body.
As you are a magnificent being holding the answers, let me be your coach helping you discover your awesomeness!

Contact Charmaine Roodt:

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Call 079 175 0308

Lieb Venter Photography

We are creative photographers with 23 years’ experience in the photographic industry. We aim to keep our prices affordable, and our quality the best! We do our own printing, thus we cut out lab costs, keep the colour quality and thus, save on our overheads. We are well rounded in all aspects, with experience in Corporates, Weddings, Modelling portfolios, Schools, Maternity, Newborn, Family, Glamour shoots, Products and Food, and Marketing work.


Pretoria, South Africa
Call 081 322 1886

The Herb Chronicles – Adventures with Freyja

Why the Herb Chronicles are the new Black
This unique, fun and educational book series was written by an Advanced Master Herbalist and Naturopath and is aimed at educating children from the ages of 5 to 11.
The younger ones will love it when you read the story to them! It creates bonding time and also helps them with the pronunciation of words.
The Herb Chronicles will sweep your children away into fun adventures with delightfully realistic characters while they learn important facts, history, medicinal benefits and practical applications of various herbs and plants.
In fact, YOU will be learning a few things, too!
In the first set of 12 stories, they learn practical applications and benefits of Aloe Vera, Basil, Chamomile, Ginger, Golden Rod, Thyme, Yarrow, Lavender, Nasturtiums, Mint, Elderberry and Rosemary.
The storyline is carried throughout the 12 books and they follow up on each other. In each book a specific use of an herb or plant is explored.
Every book comes with printable worksheets that will aid comprehension, teach them new words and make learning a lot of fun! Every story is also accompanied by a recipe (or two) for them to make. These recipes cover healing ointments, cough syrups, healthy drinks, and even bath salts!
They all present a fantastic opportunity for you to help them and create valuable family time!
As parents we want our children to grow up with the skills and virtues of empathy, compassion, respect, and love for our environment.
But how do we manage to teach them these values in today’s world when our children are bombarded with indoctrinated messages from the media, peer groups and other outside influences?
The Herb Chronicles – Adventures with Freyja is your secret weapon!
How will the Herb Chronicles help improve your child?
1. When fussy eaters can choose their own, healthy ingredients, they are more willing to eat it. This is especially true if they know the benefits and have grown their own herbs and vegetables.
2. Children take pride in things that they make themselves. Feel the excitement when they start making things with their knowledge of healing herbs! It builds amazing self-confidence and is great for the soul.
3. Education and understanding is a powerful persuader. When children interact with and understand the food they eat (and realize the time and effort involved) they are much happier to eat it.
4. The puzzles were designed to test their comprehension and learn new words. They need fun stimulation to develop their brains. Bonding time is also created.
5. These books will teach them about complex issues like acceptance and empathy, and how to react to certain real-life situations as part of their moral development.
6. When children develop their imagination, they learn to think outside of the box. This is a crucial skill for problem-solving in real life.
7. Children develop resilience by seeing characters make mistakes. When the characters correct their mistakes and get right up again, it teaches them to bounce back from setbacks.
8. Develop your child’s senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight, by helping them discover the real plants in your herb garden. You don’t need to have a large space for planting. Even watching plants growing in a window sill will do!
9. You can transfer your passion for natural, healthy and holistic living to your children in a FUN way!


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Alive – Holistic healing for modern times

Alive Holistic Healing was started by Maxine Immelman-Venter to offer natural living and healing solutions to families all over the world.
Maxine is a qualified Advanced Master Herbalist and Naturopath. She is continually expanding her studies into other holistic arenas such as Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Pet care, Organic Skin care and Reiki. She aims to bring you an honest, whole spectrum solution to you, your family and even your furry family members!
She consults internationally (online) to bring you full root cause analyses, without needing to drive across country to see a specialist.

Maxine has published various books to promote education on natural health. All her books can be bought on Amazon. Feel free to visit the ‘BOOKS’ section for more information.

Whether you are interested in exploring medicinal cures that are hidden in your garden, start using vibrational medicine, or if you want to share your love for natural healing with your children, she has you covered!

She has developed various natural products ranging from health supplements, skin care, pain management and sleep aids. You can view the current products on the “Products” page.
She studied Cannabis at CTU in the USA and understands the complexities of the plant, and can recommend the most suitable combination of cannabinoids to use in every unique situation.

Independent Distributors are allowed to sell the “Dragonfly” product range, as clients don’t need a full health evaluation to use these. If you should be interested in becoming a distributor, kindly contact her on (Currently only available to South African Citizens)
Please follow us on Facebook to stay abreast of natural health information in our current day world.



Call 081 322 1886

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Maxine Immelman-Venter

Maxine Immelman-Venter is the author of ‘The Herb Chronicles’ Childrens series (ages 5-12), ‘The Healing Garden – Complete guide to 50 flowers and plants’ and ‘Flower Essences – corresponding with The Healing Garden’


Reviews on The Herb Chronicles (ages 5-12)
Wow! The Herb Chronicles are an excellent way for children to learn about herbs and their uses and benefits. The stories are informative and also inspire children to use their imagination. The word puzzles are great for building literacy skills as well vocabulary. This unique book series will have many children eager to start their own herb gardens and to use alternative remedies and cures. I can’t wait for the next series!
Shanna Wilson
Waldorf Educator at the Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill
B.Ed Early Childhood Development
I found this series extremely educational for my 11-year-old daughter, as well as for myself! The Herb Chronicles portray the value of medicinal plants very well. This collection will be beneficial to all children, as various language skills are combined within each story. I was hooked and I couldn’t wait for the next book to be sent to us! I would recommend it for the whole family, not only the children.
Liezel Pretorius
School Educator
Extremely refreshing! I had a very enjoyable read and the kids loved it! The puzzles were a great way to keep them busy, and they learnt a lot about medicinal plants, while stimulating their math and language skills at the same time. My wife loved trying out the recipes with the children. It is definitely something new and different. Just one warning though: Your kids will want a dog like Freyja!
Craig Caldwell


Stormberg Conservation

Baboon & Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Sanctuary. Animals’ needs are put far above our own (always have and always will be), and more than the extra mile is always applied in our life in caring for these special creatures.
Stormberg Conservation, Baboon & Wildlife, Rehabilitation & Sanctuary Centre is a Non Profit Establishment
Our main goal and heart’s desire is to rehabilitate the Chacma Baboon, whose numbers are decreasing and their lives are threatened by human intervention in the form of poisoning them, hunting them, “culling” them, using them in ‘witchcraft’ and other methods.

Klipfontein Farm
Call 083 724 4444

The Crow Bar

Who are we?

The Crow Bar dot coza is a listing site for indie authors run by indie authors. Right now, we’re still new and shiny, and although we’re starting out small, we intend to get much bigger!

As indie authors ourselves, we know how hard it is to get attention for our books – and the need to get listed everywhere one can to get as much attention as possible! We want to help, and honestly we’d love to do it for free, but face it – webhosting and domains and managing a website takes time and costs money!

What is it that we do?

We list indie authors and their indie titles on our site. From here, visitors get referred to either the sales pages for the individual books visitors click on; or to the author websites/pages of the authors. We list authors and their books, but we only list self-published books. We don’t sell books – there are no ecommerce functions on this site – we simply list and refer visitor traffic to where it’s most needed.

The Crow Bar dot coza is connected to DarkLady Marketing to attract more eyes to our site – and more attention to your indie books!

How can you get listed?

We offer the following package deal:

  • For a once-off payment of just R250 (ZAR) in South African currency (or USD $20), we’ll create a permanent listing for you on Our Authors list, AND create you a permanent authors page on The Crow Bar dot coza featuring your biography, links back to your own author website, and your book covers – with links to your choice of destination (each book on Amazon or Lulu or Smashwords, etc). As part of the same package, we’ll also include your book covers in our front page slide feature AND if you have a monthly newsletter we’ll also share that for you as a post on our News page.
  • After the conclusion of the initial package, you will need to pay a small maintenance fee of $2 for any changes or additions of new material or books to our site.
  • Terms & conditions apply.

What are we looking for?

Fiction and non-fiction in any genre, in paperback or eBook format (again, a reminder: we list them, we don’t sell them!) by self-published or indie (independent) authors in English! We’re based in South Africa, but we’re not limiting our geographical interest to our area – the world’s our oyster, right?

What aren’t we looking for?

We don’t want titles which are published via “traditional” publishers or that are not self-published by the author. (If you are an author who has been published via “traditional” publishers, but who also has titles which are self-published, we’ll still list you – but we’ll only list the self-published titles on our site.)

Please DO NOT send us manuscripts or submissions – we’re not a publishing company – we only list titles and authors.

We will NOT list religious proselytizing material, or material which promotes abuse, racism, xenophobic material, or material which promotes or glorifies hatred, harm, gratuitous sex, violence, homophobia or transphobia. (If that describes your writing, please don’t contact us; we don’t want to hear from you. Seriously.)

Let’s get started!

Send us an email via our contact page to get the ball rolling! From there, we’ll answer any questions you might have, and as soon as your payment has been confirmed (via EFT (South Africa) or PayPal (everywhere else) we’ll get to work! We look forward to hearing from you!




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