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13 November 866

Pope Nicholas I answers the enjoys of Boris (Ad consulta vestra)

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12 November 295

Origin of era of Ascension.

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11 November 308

The Congress of Carnuntum: attempting to keep peace within the Roman empire, the leaders of the Tetrachy declare Maxentuis and Licnius to be Augusti,  while rival contender Constantine I is declared Ceaser of Britain and Gaul.

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10 November 1444

Battle at Varna,  Blacksedi Soltan Murad II beats crusaders.

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Giving thanks

The Buddha spent seven days gazing in gratitude at the bodhi tree. He then spent a week under the Ajapana banyan tree, a week under the mucalinda tree, and a week under the rajayatana tree. All nature rejoiced and participated in the great effort and fruit of his enlightenment.

The defeat of Mara

Finally Mara screamed, “Arise from that seat! It belongs to me!” Siddhartha was unmoved, and extended his hand to touch the earth, calling it to bear witness to the merit of his past lives. The earth thundered, “I bear witness to the future Buddha!” Mara as defeated.

A man alone

Siddhartha was abandoned by his disciples,  who said scornfully that he had taken to a life of ease and luxury. Deserted by his friends, his teachers and even his disciples,  Siddhartha was now completely alone and without status. He decided to resolve his problems once and for all, and he settled down to meditate under a bodhi tree.

Homeless wandering

Sidmouth a now lived the life of a beggar. He had no permanent shelter, and would sleep out in the open or in the shade of a tree. Dressed only in tattered robes, with bare feet and a shaven head, he travelled on foot through all weathers.  He had renounced all personal possessions, and had only a bowl to beg for alms with.

Wife and son

At the age of 16 Siddhartha was married to the beautiful princess Yassodhara,  who soon gave birth to a son, Rahula.  Siddhartha continued in his life of sensual ease.
— 1,001 pearls of Buddhist wisdom.

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