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Darklady Marketing

Extravagant Tattoos


Darklady’s write up:

A very talented tattoo artist, willing to travel to give you the skin art you dream of. Reasonable pricing. Situated in Gauteng province.




Armanda: 0767455947

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The REAL WINNER IN EASTERN CAPE, not recognised?!

The REAL WINNER IN EASTERN CAPE, not recognised?! 

Heather Diogo is the top performer in the Eastern Cape as she out-achieved all other learners who wrote the National Senior certificate with her stellar results:


 Accounting 100%

Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal 95%

Mathematics 99%

Physical Sciences 99%

English Home Language 90%

Life Sciences 95% 

Life Orientation 99%


Average: 96,7%


Heather Diogo, clearly a top-achiever, finds herself in a very strange and unfair predicament: She is a learner from Global Leadership Academy, an independent High School in Jeffrey’s Bay, which works in partnership with the Department of Education to deliver the National CAPS curriculum without relying on the department for funding.


Why no official recognition from the Department of Education?


The implication of this injustice has an influence on her ability to further her tertiary education, as her disqualification from formal recognition of her top position means she misses out on a bursary of R80 000. Heather does not currently have any bursary to fund her studies, and she does not come from a privileged background.


Please like, share and comment on this post to help us fight for justice for Heather.


On behalf of Heather



Esoteric & Wellness Garden Fayre


Creating an awesome quarterly event for like-minded souls to share their gifts, talents and small business with the public. Our aim is to build a network of healers, therapists, instructors, teachers, clothing outlets, authors and esoteric/new age artists to become part of a inspiring group who are willing to share and care for each other and fellow seekers of the truth.

List of Stalls At the next Fayre:


Mudita Yoga Westrand

Hello… I will be attending the fayre to promote my yoga studio. I will be offering a yoga demonstration/class, on the day. Anyone interested in joining in is welcome. Looking forward to meeting you all 😊

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Healing Evolution

We are honored to welcome Shuveny Bower-Louw from Healing Evolution on board. Shuveny Neferet Bower-Louw will be offering Egyptian Readings at her stall.

About Shuveny:
The demand for healing and coaching has risen dramatically over the last 20 years worldwide. In my search and education I have not seen the two combined.
Here at Healing Evolution the aim is to heal from the past, understand setbacks, learn from experiences.

At healing Evolution the offer is on the individual as a holistic being. Many Life coaches (no offence intended) deal with people that already know where and how they want to venture into life. I want to walk from the past, to your present, successfully to the future.

Experience gained:
LIFE: third time cancer survivor, Empath, clairvoyant, abuse survivor (emotional, physical, sexual)
Hereditary Healer – crystals, colour, animals, oils
Reader – Egyptian Doors
Principles of General Psychology
Basic Counselling skill
Life Coaching New Insight
(Comensa/ACCPH/CPC – accredited)

Her words to us are:

Take some time in reading this, then sit back and let the words sink in while feeling them . . .

* A world where the total focus is on you.
* Someone that is listening to every word you speak, every thought you have, even to the unspoken and the hidden, listening to the silence in the breaths you take.
* Someone that can see the YOU, the emotion, the energy, the drive, the essence

* A world where the total focus is on you
* Someone that is listening to every word you speak, every thought you have, even to the unspoken and the hidden
* Listening to the silence in the breaths you take
* Someone that can see the YOU, the emotion, the energy, the drive, the essence

* Having relationship with someone that is curious about what makes you tick
* Having a relationship with someone that holds your values as their own, driving you to persevere.
* Having a relationship with someone that will always tell you the truth even if it is hard to hear. *Someone that will drive you to achieve all those plans you have made.
* Having a relationship with someone that will never judge you, allowing you to blossom at your own pace.

* Having this every day, every week, holding you in setbacks and walking you into success.

Someone that is committed to YOU!

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Rei-Flextions Holistic Healing & Coaching

I am so blessed to be co-hosting this event with Averil Botha from Multi-Charity, who is well known in the Roodepoort district for her passion for assisting numerous charities on the West Rand. I will be offering oracle card readings as well as numerous hand made esoteric goods which include one of a kind dream catchers, sun catchers, various items of esoteric jewelry and my unique Reiki/Chakra Bears. Namaste 

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Hi All, we will be attending I am looking forward to this event we will be doing angel card readings, wooden shelving/crafts and esoteric goods. Emotional cord cutting, curse/spell removals/blessings by light. The next one we will be offering Reiki as well. May the blessings of the universe surround you.

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Darklady Marketing’s Interview by Steven Byrd

Small Business Showcase: DarkLady Marketing

DarkLady Marketing

Owner: Wendy K. Gloss

What is your professional background?

In my varied working career I have dabbled in an extremely diverse array of fields – you could say I never settled anywhere, having worked in almost every industry except mining, fishing and government. This wasn’t really because I couldn’t make my mind up, but had more to do with circumstances, which weren’t always ideal.

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Ebook Specials! — The Crow Bar

Ebooks by Christina Engela are now available at $5 – with first titles in the Galaxii Series and Quantum Series going for the specially reduced price of $2.50! Ebooks are in Kindle format, readable on most mobile devices and PC! Get yours now!🙂

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A Complicated Affair! — The Crow Bar

Hi there, Facebook. I think we need to have a little chat. I’ve only added about 40 new users YESTERDAY – and only tried to add ONE new user a few minutes ago – to find out that you have blocked me from adding people to my group AGAIN. Look, I think this is getting […]

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Christina Engela – Author

good reads

official site


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Join me on tsū, they are sharing social revenues with all of us #tsunation

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