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2019 In Review

Hi to all of you amazing creatures!!!

Yes this will be the first personal post I have made since starting this website/business, and firstly I would just like to thank all of you for your amazing support and response to this project!

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Moon Books Publishing

Moon Books Publishing works with both new and seasoned writers to get their stories and books published. We specialize in horror but are not limited to it.


Moon Books Publishing is an independent publisher that supports you, the indie writer trying to get their words out into the world. We focus on what is important to someone who is working to become a writer, a platform to get their books and stories published.





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Sacred Dying – Embracing The End Of Life

Having experienced the loss of family members from an early age has been the result of me adapting my way of thinking regarding living and dying; there is really no difference between birth and death, as both are equally sacred moments of the soul and facts of life. Sometime or the other we are all going to die.

Death is simply an end to the physical body, as the soul prepares its transition back into the spiritual realm. Nobody dies a moment before their time and nobody lives a moment after their time has come to make this great transition. None of us want to die; we want to live longer because that is what we know – the fight or flight for survival is in our primitive brain.

It is pointless to desire an extended life because it is all there – past, present and future, happening right now as we stay focused in the present moment. Having lived the past 15 years or so removed from traditional spiritual teaching and embracing the more holistic approach to life and death, has assisted me in understanding death with ease.

The many books I have read on the subject of death and dying, as well as the volunteer work with CANSA, serving the terminal patients who had been sent home to die, I was blessed in that I learnt much from both the patient and their families during this time, as they were trying to cope with impending death and finally the grieving stage of a loved one.

As a holistic practitioner since 2005, I promote the holistic and palliative approach to death. The imminent death of a patient, whether it is that of a family member or a client, is a sacred moment. There is no better way to show your love than just to be there for the dying person, assuring them that they will not die alone.

There is nothing fearful about death or dying. For both the dying and the living to partake in this very sacred time of transition, is a final gift of love to sit vigil at the deathbed.

Many years of learning about holistic care has led me to a place of sharing my knowledge with you. As Ramm Dass once said “If you are going to die, the best way to prepare is to quiet the mind and open the heart. If you are going to live, the best way to prepare is to quiet the mind and open the heart”. May we that are called to serve the dying, practice quieting the mind as we open our heart to serve those that are facing death, and share love and compassion to those that are left behind to mourn the passing of their loved one.


In loving service,


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The Crow Bar

Who are we?

The Crow Bar dot coza is a listing site for indie authors run by indie authors. Right now, we’re still new and shiny, and although we’re starting out small, we intend to get much bigger!

As indie authors ourselves, we know how hard it is to get attention for our books – and the need to get listed everywhere one can to get as much attention as possible! We want to help, and honestly we’d love to do it for free, but face it – webhosting and domains and managing a website takes time and costs money!

What is it that we do?

We list indie authors and their indie titles on our site. From here, visitors get referred to either the sales pages for the individual books visitors click on; or to the author websites/pages of the authors. We list authors and their books, but we only list self-published books. We don’t sell books – there are no ecommerce functions on this site – we simply list and refer visitor traffic to where it’s most needed.

The Crow Bar dot coza is connected to DarkLady Marketing to attract more eyes to our site – and more attention to your indie books!

How can you get listed?

We offer the following package deal:

  • For a once-off payment of just R250 (ZAR) in South African currency (or USD $20), we’ll create a permanent listing for you on Our Authors list, AND create you a permanent authors page on The Crow Bar dot coza featuring your biography, links back to your own author website, and your book covers – with links to your choice of destination (each book on Amazon or Lulu or Smashwords, etc). As part of the same package, we’ll also include your book covers in our front page slide feature AND if you have a monthly newsletter we’ll also share that for you as a post on our News page.
  • After the conclusion of the initial package, you will need to pay a small maintenance fee of $2 for any changes or additions of new material or books to our site.
  • Terms & conditions apply.

What are we looking for?

Fiction and non-fiction in any genre, in paperback or eBook format (again, a reminder: we list them, we don’t sell them!) by self-published or indie (independent) authors in English! We’re based in South Africa, but we’re not limiting our geographical interest to our area – the world’s our oyster, right?

What aren’t we looking for?

We don’t want titles which are published via “traditional” publishers or that are not self-published by the author. (If you are an author who has been published via “traditional” publishers, but who also has titles which are self-published, we’ll still list you – but we’ll only list the self-published titles on our site.)

Please DO NOT send us manuscripts or submissions – we’re not a publishing company – we only list titles and authors.

We will NOT list religious proselytizing material, or material which promotes abuse, racism, xenophobic material, or material which promotes or glorifies hatred, harm, gratuitous sex, violence, homophobia or transphobia. (If that describes your writing, please don’t contact us; we don’t want to hear from you. Seriously.)

Let’s get started!

Send us an email via our contact page to get the ball rolling! From there, we’ll answer any questions you might have, and as soon as your payment has been confirmed (via EFT (South Africa) or PayPal (everywhere else) we’ll get to work! We look forward to hearing from you!




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Looking For A New Read?



Soul Crafts QC


Bohemian? Hippy arts and crafts.

Jewelry, soap, crochet, dream catchers and more.

My personal blog showcasing my crafts!


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Cover Competition: Please Show Support!

Hello sci-fi fans,
Christina Engela’s book “The Galaxii Series Book 1 – Blachart” has been selected to partake in the All Author monthly “Cover of the Month” contest for November 2019!
Apparently, only the top 100 covers with the most votes will be allowed to proceed to the second round of the competition which starts in the second week (7th). Please, if you wouldn’t mind dropping by the link below to vote for her book cover, it would be greatly appreciated!
The book cover’s voting page is

Timeless Beauty with Lisa

Absolutely amazing skin and body care range from NuSkin.


For all of your beauty needs.


Line Corrector

If you want to get rid of lines and wrinkles around your mouth, on your forehead and around your eyes with a product that REALLY works I’ve got the perfect solution for you. The Line Corrector.



TeGreen Capsules

Tegreen capsules are an absolute must for everyone, there are so many health benefits like detoxing, reducing bloating, giving you loads more energy and aids weightloss.




Reduced appearance of pores
Thoroughly cleansed



Tru Face

Got sagging skin on your neck and decollete? The ageLOC Tru Face Essence Duo will firm and tone these areas of your skin.



These are only some examples of what we offer, come pop in on our facebook page and group to see what else we have to offer for all your beauty needs!




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Nkosinathi Foundation – Breaking Barriers of Blindess

At Nkosinathi Foundation we strive to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to blind and partially sighted children and adults who live in the Eastern Cape.

We have sectioned our services into four main categories:

1. Urban Rehabilitation for Adults

In this programme blind and partially sighted adults and their families are offered:

Emotional Support, which consists of;

– Individual Counseling
– Family Counseling
– Training and Support Group
– Social/ Activities Group

Living Skills Training, which consists of;

– Orientation and Mobility Training
– Provision of Long Canes
– Adapted Skills of Daily Living
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy Training
– Referrals for Audio Equipment and Materials
– Residual Vision Assessment and Residual Vision Training
– Prescription & Access of and to Low Vision Aids
– Training in the use of Low Vision Aids

The comprehensive series above are provided by our team of professionals at the Nkosinathi Foundation premises and/or (depending on the type of service) at the client’s home or work place.

2. Rural Rehabilitation for Adults and Children

In this programme blind and partially sighted adults and children, as well as their families are offered:

Emotional Support, which consists of;

– Individual Counseling
– Family Counseling
– Training and Support Groups
– Social Groups

Living Skills Training, which consists of;

– Orientation and Mobility training
– Provision of Long Canes
– Adapted Skills of Daily Living Training
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy Training
– Referrals fot Audio equipment and materials

* All Blind Children living in Rural Areas are also immediately referred to the Foundation’s Professionals in order to provide relevant services and to ensure the blind child accesses formal education.

This comprehensive rehabilitation service is provided by a team of Rural Rehabilitation Community Field Workers.

3. Blind and Partially Sighted Children’s Rehabilitation and Development

We place special importance on delivery of rehabilitation and support services for children who lose their vision. That is why we have tailored offerings for each important stage of a child’s development.

This programme offers blind children, aged 0-3 and their parents:

– Hospital/ home visits to the parents and child by professional staff
– Counseling and Support for the Parents
– Guidance for the parents on Stimulation and Development of the baby
– Provision of food parcels when needed
– Introduction to the Foundation’s Pre School Group facilitator

This programme offers blind children, aged 4-7 years, and their parents:

– Pre School Group at the NF facility for Pre School learning and activities.
– Provision of breakfast and lunch for the pre school group children
– Introduction to Orientation and Mobility Training for the child
– Introduction to Adapted Daily Skills Training for the child
– Introduction to Braille for the child and optional for parents
– Introduction to Computers with Adapted Software for blind persons
– Low Vision Assessment and Low Vision Training for the child
– Continued counselling for the parents
– Continued guidance for parents on development of the child
– Guidance and assistance with applications to Primary Schools
– School Holiday Recreational/ Educational activities

This programme offers blind children, aged 8-18 years, and their parents:

– Orientation and Mobility Training
– Provision of long canes
– Adapted Skills of daily living training
– Access to Special Equipment
– Braille Literacy training
– Referrals for audio equipment and materials
– Residual Vision assessment and training
– Prescription and access of and to Low Vision Aids
– Training in the use of Low Vision Aids
– Counseling for both the child and parents
– Guidance for parents on development of the child
– Guidance and assistance with applications to relevant schools
– School Holiday Recreational/ Educational Activities

4. Computer Literacy and Employment Readiness

In this programme, blind and partially sighted people are offered:

– Computer Training using adapted computer software
– Braille Literacy Training
– Electronic Low Vision Equipment
– Orientation and Mobility Training for blind persons
– Relevant Adapted Daily Living Skills Training
– Personal Development Training
– C.V. Writing Skills Training
– Job Interview Skills Training
– Communication relating to Work Relationships Training
– Introduction to Tertiary Education and Assistance with Applications
– Introduction to the Open Labour Market and Job Shadowing Training

* Included in this programme is the, Nkosinathi Foundation Internet Café for blind and partially Sighted People, which is the first internet café for blind and partially sighted persons in the Eastern Cape.



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