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Cancer Fears the Walker

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Personal message
It all happened so fast. Robert was feeling ill and it just escalated. By the end of May 2018, he was taken in by Livingston hospital and stayed for a duration of two weeks. The doctors proceeded to run the various test, and as fate would have it, the results were ill inspired. Robert’s Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels were 591, which is exceeding any healthy levels. He ended up contracting deep vein thrombosis from the trip. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and things were about to become very complicated from here on out.

Starting on the 20th of June 2018, Robert would undergo a year’s hormone therapy at the Urology Department of Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth. With a year out of the way, they passed him onto the Oncology department at Livingston Hospital in June 2019. Robert would get to know the ins and outs of this building like the back of his hand. He underwent 10 chemo sessions in a span of 7 months. Along with the restlessness and nausea, Robert started having health problems from 10 April. His body could only take so much punishment from the drugs before it started breaking down. For six weeks he was in and out of the hospital, trying everything he could naturally and artificially to have control over his body again and regain his strength. Needless to say, it was a futile struggle and he was admitted again on the 14th of May in Humansdorp Hospital and diagnosed with an obstructed bowel.

Robert got to ride an Ambulance that day to P.E. and kept his sense of humour along the way. Winding up at Livingston Hospital yet again, he had to undergo yet another series of blood tests, x-rays and a colon scan.

Back to Oncology… On the 22nd of May, he had gone through yet another series of chemo treatments. The result of his pain and suffering would turn out to be in vain, as there was no progression in his condition.

Robert is currently on Morphine for chronic pain, rolling about in his bed complaining about nausea and any food that goes in, comes right back out. Some of his medications are colliding, aggravating the feeling of sickness, with no anti-nausea tablets working.

Robert now has to undergo new treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. After three years of fighting, the savings account is empty and Robert’s life is up to anyone who can aid in funding his treatment. The new set of treatments will cost up to +/-ZAR50 000 for a start, but that’s all he needs to have a ray of hope for his future.

The doctors were very tactful in relaying information about Robert’s time here with us. Robert needs to go through this one last high dosage of radiation to give him a fighting chance.

We want to see him back on his boat with his crew catching fish and enjoying the waves.

With the funds, Robert will be able to afford private treatment, which will give him a fighting chance to get back his old life and live out the rest of his remaining life in health. He has gone through one final radiation treatment, which will be the last attempt from the government to give him more time.

The funds will go toward a private institute, where Robbie will receive a strict diet regime along with 6month’s medical treatment.



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Durban Spicebox

Authentic Durban Spice and Catering, cooked meals, events, private parties in Port Elizabeth.

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Ilana – The Girl Everything 2020 and up

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Original Gummy Berry Juice and Related Product – Hubre

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Alexandra Christokat ART

Alexandra was born in Germany, she moved to South Africa in 1998 and has been living in a small village in the Cape Winelands called Riebeek West for the past 5 years.

Growing up in her grandmother’s house, who was a tailor, sparked her creativity from the beginning – drawing, painting and sculpting, exploring with different materials and mediums has always added to Alexandra’s passion as an artist. Her father, who is a great lover of nature, introduced her to the magic that lies in the natural world, inspiring a great deal of her work. Both of her parents are artists, nevertheless, studying art was not an option for her. Alexandra acquired skills from different artists and teachers but has mostly followed a personal growth journey and taught herself most of what she knows.

Alexandra’s interest in spirituality resonates through her artwork and captures not only the image, but the spirit of her subject.​

Her intention is to show the intangible inner-world, shadows, lights and spiritual beings to open people up to a new world-view where separation does not exist, but allows people to recognise the oneness with the animate nature of all creation.

Over the years, Alexandra has exhibited in numerous galleries and worked on numerous commisions. Her work can be found internationally, covering various corners of the world in Brazil, Germany, Czech and South Africa.

Now offering art classes in the quaint Riebeek Valley, Alexandra’s work goes beyond her own hands and turns into influence and sharing her artistic experience with her students. Follow her journey through her blogposts, work and artistic ventures.



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AnamCara’s Healing

Holding Space to Ignite Your Healing
When we heal ourselves we are transformed in mind, body and spirit. Life flows as we tap into the abundance of the Universe and our spirits soar as we shed the layers of outdated beliefs, traumas and woundings that have been holding us back. In turn our minds are more illuminated and we raise our vibrational energy pattern. Your facilitators journey to heal the layers of her Wounded Chiron, brought her to a place that enables her to hold space for others during their healing journey. AnamCara’s Healing provides opportunities for mind, body and spirit transformation and healing through the use of various complimentary healing modalities, rituals, workshops and courses, which are designed to assist your to relax, distress and tap into your own healing process. Remember that the space you live and work in can hold unbalanced and trapped energies that lower your frequency. We can assist you to clear and refresh your home or business space and restore it’s energetic balance by providing a space clearing session tailored to your personal preferences. Book your physical distress session, energetic healing session or enlightening course/workshop today. Ignite the wonder within you.


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Young World Furniture

Designers and manufacturers of furniture.


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Emerald Healing

Emerald Healing was started by Helen Reis to offer her services in healing, teaching and readings.


Helen is a certified Reiki Master, a Numerologist, offers oracle and rune readings, Indian Head massages,  Antaneea healing massages and Access Bars energetic facelift treatments. She also facilitates numerology, Reiki and other holistic workshops.

With all her treatments she offers crystal healing, essential oils products and flower essence blends.

Helen is passionate in what she does and takes a personal and holistic approach to giving her clients the fundamental experience and healing that each one deserves.



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Healing Hands Wellness Institute Cape Town

Who is Healing Hands Wellness Institute?

Healing Hands Wellness Institute is an internationally renowned academy, specializing in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. Previously known as Healing Hands International, we have decided to change our name to Healing Hands Wellness Institute, because we offer so much more than just courses. Our intense training is designed to transform students into experts. We are devoted to providing personal growth with integrity and a commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and a firm understanding of the therapist/client relationship. We at the Institute gladly rise to that challenge!

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to lead and educate students to be qualified as Natural Therapists co-creating holism and caring for every living thing. We envisage a System in which Natural Therapists work in a complementary role with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide South Africa with a holistic and educational approach to its wellness and well-being which is focused on disease and illness prevention.


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